Jazz Workshop



I know it is a bit early to start promoting this…but I’m like a kid with a new toy! I can’t wait to share this with all of you.
I’ve written a lot about Jazz, Jazz training, and how Jazz dance and the training of Jazz dancers have changed over the decades. And as I’ve spent more and more time thinking on this topic I came to a sudden realization:
Why “think”, “talk”, “write” or “explain”, when I can TEACH and SHOW?
So I have put together a Jazz workshop. The Jazz that I grew up on. Jazz in its original form. Jazz dance – as it was created by the great innovators. I want to show the link between Jazz Technique and Jazz Choreography.  I want to bring this work and this way of training to the current generation of dancers.
So I have invited the great teachers of today-teachers who have worked directly with Luigi, Matt Mattox, Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins, to come together for this workshop on January 29, 2017. We will be giving a full day of training: technique and repertory classes, all taught by teachers that worked with the original creators.
So I am inviting you to join us for this unique opportunity. Experience four classes in one day as we explore the great American dance form through the work of Luigi, Mattox, Fosse and Robbins: four of its most important and innovative creators.
In the images below you will find all the information, class descriptions and faculty bio’s.


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