A Note From A Parent

I would like to share a message I received from a mom tonight, after I taught her daughter in a summer intensive today:

“I have to tell you that my daughter (one of the students you taught today) came home tonight and told me a story about a famous jazz choreographer and dancer that she learned about today. She told me that he was injured in an accident and was paralyzed… told he would never dance again. She was so taken by his story and how he didn’t stop when other forms of therapy didn’t work. The fact that he (I’m sorry if I’m mis-quoting) created his own way to heal and grow stronger – that really stuck with her. Inner strength is what she took away from your story and your teachings today. Thank you. She needed that today. I mean… don’t we all?”

And my response:

“You got it right. Eugene Louis Facciuto, more famously known as Luigi, was paralyzed in a car accident. He spent nearly three months in a coma, and upon waking, had completely lost the use of one entire side of his body. He was given a prognosis of “no hope” by his doctors. He rehabilitated himself and went on to dance in many of the MGM musicals including “Singing in the Rain” and “White Christmas”. He took the exercises that he created for his rehabilitation and turned it into a totally new way to train dancers. He became one of the most famous and far-reaching dance teachers in the world. He taught many legendary dancers including Liza Minnelli, Ben Vereen, Alvin Ailey…the list is endless. I am so fortunate that he was my very first teacher and after more than twenty years of trading with him, he certified me to pass on his brilliant method. It is an honor and privilege to share this work and I’m thrilled that your daughter could be part of this chain…passing the work from teacher to student, from generation to generation. This is why I am doing this. You made my night.”

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